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I Can’t Wait Until After Work  //  & Neither Can He

I Can’t Wait Until After Work

He Wants Time With Me.

A few days ago I woke up before my wife and one year old daughter. As I quietly worked through my morning routine, I hoped my daughter would wake up because I wanted to spend some time with her before leaving for the day.

Luckily, she did wake up. I prepared her bottle, turned on the gas fireplace and curled up on the couch with her. As she drank her bottle, with her little blue eyes fixed on mine, I thought to myself, I can’t imagine waiting until after work to spend time with you. As I start my day, I want – I WANT  – to start it by being with you and loving on you. You‘re my daughter and I’m crazy about you and I love being with you. No sooner than I finished this thought, my eyes were opened to a truth about God:

He wants to spend time with me.

He wants to be with me first thing because his love will radically impact my entire day.
He doesn’t want to wait until lunch, or after work, or bedtime to tell me he loves me.
And the same is true for you.

Two Things that Might Help You

1) God Before Technology

My friend Jason Mitchell recently challenged me to spend time with God before engaging in any kind of technology. As simple as this idea sounds, it has really helped me enjoy God before jumping into my day. When I choose social media or email first, the trajectory of my day is very different than when I choose to experience God’s love first.

2) Try the Morning Office

A few years ago, I was introduced to the ancient practice of praying at set times during the day (commonly known as fixed-hour prayer, the divine hours, or saying the offices). The prayer book that I most often use is The Divine Hours from Phyllis Tickle. Each day includes a Morning Office (to be prayed between 6am-9am), Midday (11am-2pm), Vespers (5pm-8pm), and Compline (before bed). I regularly pray the morning office from this book, which includes of rich variety of scriptures, poems, ancient and current writings, and prayers. A resource like this may give you the structure you’ve been looking for and help keep things fresh for you.

Please STOP “Doing” Devotions

Like me, you were probably taught (or told) to do your morning devotions or have a quiet time. Read scripture, write down some thoughts, and then pray. The problem with that mindset on devotions and quiet times is that it can result in a faith based behaviorism or inevitable feelings of guilt because we struggle to consistently “do what we’re supposed to” for God.

What if time with God wasn’t primarily about us showing him our devotion? What if it was really about God showing his devotion to us?

When you wake up tomorrow morning, be reminded that God wants – GOD WANTS – to be with you. You are his daughter. You are his son. He’s crazy about you and loves being with you. Please don’t make him wait until after work – not just for your sake – but for His too.

Josh Rhodes
NextGen Pastor at LCBC Church
Josh is the Next Steps Director at LCBC Church, York Campus. Prior to LCBC, he served at Chestnut Ridge Church in Morgantown, WV. Josh received a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies and Youth Ministries from Lancaster Bible College, and a Master of Arts in Theology from Biblical Seminary. He and his wife Hillary live in Lancaster with their three children - Sephora, Levi, and Pierce.