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You won’t always get your butt kicked

02 Apr Spiritual Formation | Comments Off on You won’t always get your butt kicked
You won’t always get your butt kicked

 That hill won’t always kick your butt.

There is a hill in our community that I CAN NOT STAND! I never have liked it. And tonight I decided to run a route that made sure I had to climb that hill. While I know that my body will pay for it tomorrow, I don’t care, I beat that hill. I made it to the top and smacked it in it’s face.

I COULD NOT have run that hill 5 years ago. How do I know? Because I tried running it 5 years ago and failed.

This is exactly how spiritual formation and discipleship works. There are struggles, temptations, thought patterns, that 5 years ago had a much deeper hold on me than they do today. In fact, there are some issues that years ago I thought I would never move past. But today some of those issues aren’t even there any more.

Don’t get me wrong. I have my own different set of issues today. In fact, I have some struggles today that are kicking my butt at times. But I have hope that this won’t always be the case. If God has moved me past those struggles of yesterday, can’t I trust that God will do it with the struggles of today?

Being  Brought to Completion

The first Christians talked about these ideas by using phrases like, “maturing in Christ” or “being brought to completion in Christ.” It’s the continual hard work of pressing forward as the Spirit leads us to be more and more like Jesus. It’s basically the idea that as you and I keep pursuing, keep running after Jesus, the hills that beat us today won’t be so tough 5 years from now.

The reality is that just because you may be a leader within the church doesn’t mean personal struggles won’t be pervasive in your life. And for those of you who may be leading in the church but struggling at the moment I want to tell you something.

I know you are struggling now. I know the hill beats you now. I know you keep falling to the same old temptations but this will not always be so if you keep running. Because soon your body will find a new normal. Where those destructive needs and thoughts don’t own you anymore.

But it takes time. Sometimes years. It takes diligence. It takes choosing to get up tomorrow and run again even when it’s tough.

Godly character is formed in this way. By waking up each day and renewing your vows to Jesus.

So please know that the hills that beat you today will not beat you in the future. Because God has started a good work in you and God always finishes what God started.

Jason Mitchell
Campus Pastor at LCBC Church
Jason is a Campus Pastor at LCBC Church (Lives Changed By Christ). He loves taking runs, drinking coffee, listening to all things rock and roll, and spending time with his wife Jenny and their two kids, Sienna and Silas.