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With God, pt. 3

12 Aug Spiritual Formation | Comments Off on With God, pt. 3
With God, pt. 3

Welcome to part three of a series entitled “With God.” Meredith Dahl has been leading us through some important reflections on our attitude and posture toward God throughout the ordinary moments of our day. To catch up, check out part one and part two.

I hope and pray that each of you have allowed time to be with God and allowed God to be with you. I know this has been a good pattern for myself this spring and it has been valuable for my relationship with God.

As I have been journeying toward a healthier pace this summer, I was reminded the importance to share my story and also encourage those around me to be with God as well. I am a fairly private person so it is not my normal tendency to openly share. It takes courage on my part and intentional conversations with others. I know how important it is for me to hear others stories and how it is important that I share mine as well.


In the organization I work for, our mission is to build relationships with those in our community and walk alongside one another in our lives. These relationships are built so that there is someone to share in our joys and sorrows with. It takes a lot of effort and we always remind our volunteers that it takes more time than we may expect to see changes, if any. In most cases, initial changes we observe actually happen in our own hearts. We learn a lot about ourselves when we want something to happen in others lives.

Learning to Walk Alongside Others

Our son is going to be two years old in a few months. At this point in his development, doctors and speech instructors say that he should be communicating with words. It started at 14 months. I was told that our son should be saying 6 words. Did “daddada” count? If not, he was not hitting the mark. He started with a speech instructor whom basically instructed me as the mom how to be a better speech teacher. Our sweet son is almost 2 and still says very few words. In my own heart I would love for him to say, “Mommy, I love you!” I am so excited for him to say those quirky sayings that two and three year olds spit out. However, that is not happening. I cannot make him speak. I cannot force words to come out. I have to patiently wait and encourage him to speak in his own timing.

I have learned a lot about myself through this experience and I know that the same can be true when we are walking alongside others. Sometimes we desire results, life-change or have expectations on the relationships around us. When those results or expectations are not met we can become discouraged or we can quit the relationship.

Walking with Others

I believe that walking alongside others and encouraging them to be with God can look similar. We can want so much for others to experience what we have or we can see how beneficial someone else’s life can be if they go to God and allow Him to help. However, we can’t force it and we can’t make someone go to God.

But what we can do is better. We can be with God and let God be with us. We can experience life- change in our own lives and we can share that with others. We can listen and build relationships with those in need around us and walk through life together. We can encourage these relationships to be with God and allow him to do His work in them. And then the most important part is… we can let God do what God does best. He can work in their lives and He can make change happen.

Through this process of resting with God and letting him work in me, I see the importance of sharing this with others. I would also encourage you to be intentional in the relationships you are investing in. Be courageous and share pieces of your journey with them. Be patient and continue to be open.

Thank you for allowing me to share part of my journey with you over the past three weeks. I hope it encourages and resonates with you as well.

Meredith Dahl
Executive Directory at Cross Connection Ministries
Meredith is the Executive Director of Cross Connection Ministries in New Holland, PA. She has received a Bachelor of Science in Student Ministry and a Master of Arts in Ministry (Concentration in Student Ministry) from Lancaster Bible College. Meredith and her husband live in New Holland with their baby boy Liam and love living, working and volunteering in their community.