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With God, pt. 2

05 Aug Spiritual Formation | Comments Off on With God, pt. 2
With God, pt. 2

This is part two of a series written by Meredith Dahl. To catch up with part one of the series, click here.

Turning Down Help…

I was at a fast-food restaurant the other day that was extremely busy. There were tons of crying babies and toddlers, moms looking frazzled, men pulling their significant others out the door and workers who were sweating and frustrated. As I entered the dining area a tired worker asked if she could get me a drink and find me a seat.

I didn’t respond right away because I was so stunned that in all that craziness she was looking to help me. I didn’t realize at that moment that my own child was pulling on my hair, had just dumped his cup of milk on my shirt and floor and was about to drop my cell phone on the ground. I was looking pretty crazy myself. I stood there a minute and said, “No, thank you!” I thought to myself, “This poor lady needs to help this restaurant get back together and meet the needs of all the other customers.”

As I struggled with a toddler who was getting impatient, hungry and frustrated I comically thought it would be great to be sitting at a table. When I finally got to a table, after dragging a high chair around tons of people and after placing our order, I realized I could have been sitting at a table 20 minutes earlier. It would have gotten me out of the way of the chaos. I would have been less stressed and the process of getting everyone taken care of at the restaurant would have continued simultaneously. Instead, I was stubborn and I wouldn’t let the worker help me. In my mind I was allowing her to “help” other people.

After some reflection of this event I started to think about other situations like this one where I thought I was “being nice.” If I were honest with myself, it probably had more to do with being in control than being nice.


God with us.

In my previous post, I encouraged readers to simply be with God. To take some time to just talk to him and if need be, re-connect after what possibly has been awhile. In my own life, it seems that it is easier to be with God than allow Him to be with me.

In relationships around me I lean toward being the listener, the protector and the person trying to “being nice.” I want to be the one to do the serving. It can be difficult and frustrating to allow others to do that or to allow others to care for me. It sounds selfless…but most often it is just my way of being in control. It does not allow for being vulnerable or being open with those around me.

When I talk to others in ministry, it is evident that unhealthy patterns we may have with those around us can be reflected in our relationship with God. After processing my interaction with the servant at the restaurant, I was reminded how important it is to not only be with God, but to also let God be with me. To truly open myself up to my Father and my Savior. To let Him heal, listen, instruct and care for my own soul.

I was personally challenged to not only be with God, but to listen and wait for a response. To share my heart and allow Him to respond in a way only He knows. He knows what I need and how to draw me closer to Him through our relationship. This requires discipline on my part. With any spiritual formation practice I may participate in, it requires that I allow God to respond. I must be quiet, be still and open my heart.

My encouragement for you today is to ask yourself if you allow God to be with you. Do you allow room in your day or time with Him for a response?   If this is something you struggle with, I would encourage you to do two things. The first is to enter a conversation with someone you trust about how and if you allow God to be with you. Share your thoughts on how you allow him to respond to you and how you listen to that response. Secondly, I would encourage you to take some time right now to listen and wait with God.

I hope that as you rest with God, you also allow Him to respond and communicate with you.

Meredith Dahl
Executive Directory at Cross Connection Ministries
Meredith is the Executive Director of Cross Connection Ministries in New Holland, PA. She has received a Bachelor of Science in Student Ministry and a Master of Arts in Ministry (Concentration in Student Ministry) from Lancaster Bible College. Meredith and her husband live in New Holland with their baby boy Liam and love living, working and volunteering in their community.