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There’s a Baby on the Way!

16 Dec Spiritual Formation | Comments Off on There’s a Baby on the Way!
There’s a Baby on the Way!


Where did the time go?!? I’m going to be an uncle in just a few weeks. Actually, the doctors tell me it will be in two weeks and one day. My family and I are very excited for my sister-in-law and her husband. This is their first baby, a boy! (Editor’s Note: That’s my kid he’s talking about!)

We have been waiting and anticipating the arrival of our little nephew since before the summer. It’s crazy how it seems like just yesterday they announced they were expecting, yet it has been the better part of a year now.


Along the way we have heard updates from doctor’s visits and we have seen ultrasound photos. We (I mean my wife) have organized and thrown a baby shower, shopped for baby clothes and helped check some pre-baby projects off the list. There have also been countless phone calls and video chats to see how mom, dad and baby were doing (a.k.a. how big our nephew was looking that week). Many of our own friends have asked about them and we love giving updates or sharing photos. Needless to say, we have been looking forward to meeting this little guy. We are excited for him to arrive, to join our family, so we can see him and hold him.

For the past nine months he has been hidden away, growing and preparing to be born. I am pretty impatient and had a hard time waiting for my own daughters to be born. But of course, we are thrilled that he is developing well, growing stronger and we have prayed for a full term delivery. Being hidden away from us is a good thing and we would want nothing else for him at this time.

The dark

A few weeks ago I was confronted with the idea that what is hidden, what is unseen, what has been in darkness has the potential for goodness.

“…New life starts in the dark. Whether it is a seed in the ground, a baby in the womb, or Jesus in the tomb, it starts in the dark.” – Barbara Brown Taylor

Sometimes our lives are filled with darkness. Our circumstances may have us feeling unnoticed, unknown and hidden from those around us and even from God. But, just like my little nephew and just like you and I, God knew us in our mother’s womb. And now, He knows us even when things are darkest. Our circumstances are not hidden from God. Our troubles, our sins and the messiness of life are not an overwhelming surprise to God.


As we prepare for Christmas and the celebration of another baby, I encourage you to rejoice!

God knew that for a time Jesus would be hidden from us. All through the Old Testament God’s rescue plan was unfolding. The gospels tell us the incredible story of how Jesus chose to leave heaven and the unfathomable relationship of the Trinity to be born of a virgin, to come into this world as our rescuer.

His life was hidden at first. Then, in his obedience to God it led him to the darkest of places – a garden, a cross and a tomb. But, that is why we celebrate. What was hidden and dark was turned into something good. Jesus became the light, the light to the whole world!

  •  What part of your life feels like it is hidden, from others or from God?
  • What darkness are you going through right now?
  • How can you trust God through this time?

Ask God to keep you close, to allow you to grow and for good things to come from times of darkness. May Christmas be a time for you to know and trust God, who uses dark times to bring great light!

Merry Christmas!

Ben Myers
Camp Director at Arrowhead Bible Camp
Ben Myers has served as the Camp Director at Arrowhead Bible Camp in Brackney, PA for the past 13 years. Arrowhead is a ministry committed to discipleship through its programs for adults with developmental disabilities, missions opportunities for youth groups, and mentoring of High School and College students. Ben also teaches as an adjunct professor at Lancaster Bible College and holds degrees from Cairn University and Baptist Bible Seminary.