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The Short List, pt. 3

01 Jul Spiritual Formation | Comments Off on The Short List, pt. 3
The Short List, pt. 3

Welcome to Part 3 of The Short List. If you’ve been with us since part 1, thanks for coming along. If you’re just now joining the conversation, thanks for joining us! We’re talking about our short list – the 5 to 10 relationships that mean the most to us and we want to get right.

Last week, we looked at 3 important words that seem to capture most if not all of the relational activities we give ourselves to.

Those words are Enjoy, Care, and Teach.

This week, I’d like to explore 2 words that make Enjoying, Caring, and Teaching each other a reality.

Going back to the graduation speeches (in Part 1), the students thanked their short list for many things. One student thanked his dad for their many fishing trips (Enjoy each other). A young lady thanked her mom for waking her up every day so she wouldn’t miss the bus (Care for each other). Another student thanked his guidance counselor for helping him prepare for college (Teach each other).

So what are the 2 words that make this all possible?



You cannot enjoy someone, care for someone, or teach someone without giving them lots of your time. Conversely, you cannot receive those things without time. Time makes it possible for these things to happen. Intentionality then, is what makes it actually happen.


For example, let’s say a dad takes his son to the park for two hours. In light of our conversation, we would say they are going there to enjoy each other. While there, they pass baseball, take a hike, and maybe carve their names in a tree. But, over the course of those two hours, dad checked his phone ten times. Every time he felt the phone buzz in his pocket, he pulled it out. This dad was giving his son time, but not intentionality, we was not fully present.

The following week, dad takes his son to the park and leaves his phone at home. He’s going to be intentional and not let work or social media rob his attention. But, this week he worked over so they only have 30 minutes at the park. He gave his son intentionality, but not enough time for real enjoyment to take place.

In my experience, to fully enjoy someone and be enjoyed, it takes time and intentionality. The same goes for caring and teaching. It takes both.

So here’s my challenge to you as we wrap up this conversation. Commit to Enjoying, Caring, and Teaching your list and ask them to do the same for you. Then give them the time and intentionality it takes for those to become a reality.


Josh Rhodes
NextGen Pastor at LCBC Church
Josh is the Next Steps Director at LCBC Church, York Campus. Prior to LCBC, he served at Chestnut Ridge Church in Morgantown, WV. Josh received a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies and Youth Ministries from Lancaster Bible College, and a Master of Arts in Theology from Biblical Seminary. He and his wife Hillary live in Lancaster with their three children - Sephora, Levi, and Pierce.