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The Short List, pt. 1

The Short List, pt. 1

I had the privilege of attending a high school graduation a few days ago. Amidst the pomp, circumstance, tassels, and pictures, my mind was flooded with fond memories of my graduation in 2001. As I listened to the speeches and remembered what I said in mine, I was struck with the one thread woven throughout … relationships.


Today was for many of these teens the most important day of their life, and they chose to carefully craft their public addresses to thank, appreciate, and recognize how their teachers, close friends, coaches, mentors, and families impacted their lives. Back in 2001, it was my mom, dad, girlfriend (now wife), youth pastor, and my kindergarten teacher. Today, my speech would certainly include my wife, two children, family, and a few other dear friends and ministry partners.

If you were to give a graduation speech today, it would likely include 5-10 people who are impacting your life in a significant way. Do me a favor – pause just for a moment, and write down your short list. Once you have your short list written down, let’s continue on.

The people who came to mind – the names you wrote down – are obviously peole who are very important to you. They are the people that love you and you love you them back. They show up when you need them, and you’d do anything for them. And most importantly, you and I both want to experience these relationships to the fullest. We don’t want any wasted days, months, or years with this short list of people.

 So for the next two weeks, I invite you to join me in a conversation about our short lists. Specifically, I want to share 3 words next week, and just 2 words the week after that have simplified how I do life with my short list, and how these words have helped me stay focused on what really matters.

Josh Rhodes
NextGen Pastor at LCBC Church
Josh is the Next Steps Director at LCBC Church, York Campus. Prior to LCBC, he served at Chestnut Ridge Church in Morgantown, WV. Josh received a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies and Youth Ministries from Lancaster Bible College, and a Master of Arts in Theology from Biblical Seminary. He and his wife Hillary live in Lancaster with their three children - Sephora, Levi, and Pierce.