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The Examen: Spotlight on a Spiritual Discipline

The Examen: Spotlight on a Spiritual Discipline

Today, we take a moment to take a closer look at the Spiritual Practice of Examen.

From the Latin for “Examination”, the Examen is an invitation to prayerfully review our day to notice spiritual moments we may have overlooked. Through the Examen, we invite God to reveal conversations, thoughts, actions, and attitudes from our day that He wants us to take a closer look at.

With my students I liked to use the analogy of watching game film. In the same way, a football player might review a game to see things that he missed during the heat of the moment, we use the Examen as a prayerful way to see where God was present in moments we may have missed.

So today, we invite you to take about five minutes to reflect back on where God has been present. You may want to think about today, this weekend, or even reflect back over the ebbs and flows of last week. The Examen invites us to slow down, remember, and notice anew the faithful presence of God in our lives.

A Little Examen

If you’d like, we’ve provided a short 5 minute video that can guide you through the Examen process.

If you choose to use it, prepare ahead of time by finding a quiet, distraction-free environment. Grab a notebook or journal to jot down any thoughts or themes that arise, set the video to Full screen, and before you click “play” take a moment or two to quiet yourself.

  1. bernadette asuncion09-21-12

    HEARTY THANKS FOR THIS VIDEO ON EXAMEN. It’s very useful. God bless