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What is Soul Care?

I’ll have plenty of time to rest when I’m dead.

“In our drive for success we are seduced by the promises of more:  more money, more recognition, more satisfaction, more love, more information, more influence, more possessions, more security.  Even when our intentions are noble and our efforts sincere – even when we dedicate our lives to the service of others – the corrosive pressure of frantic over-activity can nonetheless cause suffering in ourselves and others.” – Wayne Muller, Sabbath

For many of us in this fast-paced culture, “success” has become more important than being whole. Now, we might never come out and say that, but we can quickly find ourselves living as if it were true. The reality is that many of us have learned to become adept at tending to the needs of our ministries, co-workers, and students and neglectful when taking care of our own souls. We may even find a certain satisfaction in sacrificing ourselves for the cause of Christ, but too often a neglected-soul leads to some form of burnout, moral failure, or broken relationships.

It’s that sobering reality that makes soul care such a big deal. We’re passionate about your spiritual health, because we’ve experienced both the drought of a neglected soul in ministry and the flourishing of a healthy soul able to both love and lead well.

Soul Care and Spiritual Formation

As human beings, we’re called to be stewards of our souls; to confess our own finiteness by respecting our limitations.Soul care starts when we recognize that God is God and we are not, and therefore, we probably need to stop, rest, and simply be still on a regular basis. Soul care invites us to live a fully integrated life where our thoughts, words, actions, and even that secret internal dialogue we have with ourselves are all centered on God.

Human beings instead of human doings.

It’s in living a life of wholeness not one disconnected from our humanity that we are able to experience true transformation.  Through soul care, we recognize the need to care for our complete being – heart, mind, soul, and strength. It allows us to be renewed for the ministry to which God has called us. It connects us to a healthy spiritual formation of the soul.

Now, what do we mean by Spiritual Formation? Spiritual Formation is the process by which the Spirit of God transforms us into the image of Jesus Christ. It’s the work of God in our lives when we stop trying to do it our way. We participate with the Holy Spirit’s activity by slowing down from all of our busy stuff, and simply surrender ourselves to His transforming work in our heart and mind. As a result, we’re able to minister to others out of a healthier soul.

Taking the Next Step

Project Renovation is committed to providing resources and opportunities for you to begin the work of soul care. We’re excited that you’re exploring these ideas, and would like to help you as you continue that journey of discovery and growth.