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Project Renovation’s Newest Retreat Adventure

Project Renovation’s Newest Retreat Adventure

Project Renovation is pleased to announce the destination of their next Soul Thirst Retreat: Antarctica. Entitled, “Soul Thaw” this new retreat experience promises to be a memorable and transformative experience for the dozen or so youth pastors planning to attend.

Departing this August, the trip will last twelve days and cover nearly 16,000 miles. Participating Youth Pastors will fly to Argentina before setting sail from the port of Ushuaia to cross the notorious Drake Passage. Arriving in Antarctica, participants will enjoy six days and five nights of camping, hiking, and spiritual reflection on the shores of the Ronne Ice Shelf.


“It’s been in the works for a long time, and we’re excited to see things finally come together,” said Rick Rhoads, the director of Project Renovation. “I can’t think of a better way to get away from the distractions and busyness of ministry than by heading to the the least populated place on earth.”

The theme for this year’s Soul Thaw is “Rekindling the Fire: Reflections on Spiritual Fervor” and will be led by author and teacher Doug Jones. “I find it’s far too easy for us to lose our zeal for God in the midst of modern comforts,” Doug commented. “What better place to remember our need for God than two thousand miles away from the nearest Starbucks?”


The retreat will include plenty of silence and solitude, but will also enjoy an afternoon at the famous Trinity Church located on King George Island near the Russian Bellingshausen Station. Built in the 1990s, Trinity Church holds the claim of being the first and only Christian church in Antarctica. The visit will include a light lunch with the church’s two Orthodox priests, who have requested that the team bring additional pairs of thick, wool socks for the visit.

Retreaters will be sure to pack plenty of their own warm socks as temperatures in Antarctica in August average between -75F and -80F, leading several people to raise concerns about the proposed trip. “We understand that it’s not for everyone, but we’re confident that youth pastors have the right combination of risk management and adventurous spirit to make it work,” commented Rick. “And while it’ll be so cold that exposed skin will instantly freeze, we’ll stay bundled up and focus more on exposing our souls.”

Applications are now being accepted for Soul Thaw 2014, click here for details and forms.


  1. Brett Derr04-01-14

    Dude, that’s messed up! My adrenaline started rushing as I was reading this.

  2. Dustin Metzler04-01-14

    “we’re confident that youth pastors have the right combination of risk management and adventurous spirit to make it work,” basically….. youth pastors are the ones who are crazy enough to do something like this!