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One Size Doesn’t Fit All

21 May Spiritual Formation | Comments Off on One Size Doesn’t Fit All
One Size Doesn’t Fit All

If, you’re like me you probably remember when you had a task to do but had no idea how to accomplish it. Perhaps you were trying to create a volunteer handbook, design a new logo, or organize your files. It seemed like a good idea at the time but you quickly realized you were in over your head. You have many strengths but accomplishing this new challenge wasn’t one of them.

To save time and to have a good outcome you turned to someone who could help. They had the skills and experience you lacked, so you followed their advice, adopted their style and everyone was happy!


Here at the Project, we talk about “Spiritual Formation.” It’s in healthy spiritual formation that we begin to understand that the life of faith is developed and nurtured by the Holy Spirit through prayer, scripture, spiritual community, and the other spiritual disciplines. These components offer a guide for the growth of our souls.

Spiritual disciplines give us the opportunity to experience a deeper connection with God.

They create space in which we can pause, reflect, and become attentive to what God is doing in and around us. Practices such as silence, solitude, Sabbath keeping, communion, sacred reading, and fixed hour prayer can develop healthier spiritual rhythms in a youth worker’s life.

If Spiritual Formation is new to you, allow me to encourage you in this new adventure. It’s a journey of discovery and discipline, and for everyone it takes on a unique flavor. For example,

I have a friend who reads and studies every moment he can, and He meets God in between the lines of the pages. My wife experiences deep worship through music and celebration. Another friend of mine has an entire shelf full of journals that he began writing in years ago. God bless those people but that’s not me! All three of these people have specific and unique ways of connecting with God. Those practices are healthy and I exercise them from time to time but they don’t spiritually energize me like my friends.

The point is this: you’re unique.


Spiritual Formation doesn’t happen because you use a cookie cutter or follow a formula. If you follow a spiritual practice simply because “Joe the Spiritual Giant” does, you’ll end up frustrated.

Take your time, experiment, and discover the practices that breathe life into your soul. Then faithfully use them, enjoy them, and experience the delight of having a deeper connection with God. Blessings to you as you begin a new adventure!

For more information about Spiritual Formation, check out some other resources from Project Renovation:


Jerry Higley
Executive Director at Lebanon Valley Youth For Christ
Jerry Higley is the Executive Director of Lebanon Valley Youth For Christ and an adjunct faculty member at LBC teaching Student Ministry courses at both the undergrad and graduate level. When he's not at work, he loves spending time outdoors hunting and fishing with his grandkids.