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Nothing to Say

24 Sep Spiritual Formation | Comments Off on Nothing to Say
Nothing to Say

Some of the greatest teachable moments in my own life have occurred when needing to teach, lead or write something for others, I start to work on it, and find I have nothing to say. I sit in front of a blinking cursor and a blank screen, and struggle to find words that I can connect with. I could ramble on with some points for the topic at hand. I could muster up and repackage something I’ve said before or heard somewhere else, but in the moment I find myself at a loss to produce something of worth.

It’s in those kinds of moments that I know if I sat quiet enough to listen to God’s whisper, I would undoubtedly see it was time for some personal reflection within my own soul.

So let me be honest and vulnerable for a minute: As I sat down to write this post, I began with a few topics and then I thought, “I really don’t have anything valuable to say.”


This week has been too hurried. I packed too many meetings, too many training sessions, and way too many lunch meetings into one week. I was behind on answering voicemails; emails and I resorted to emailing my co-workers instead of walking into the room next to my office to talk to them. I have not had the healthy rhythms that I desire this week. Therefore, when I tried to switch gears quickly and stop to write about my soul, I struggled to find words.

I could not write until I paused. Or to put it another way: I can’t offer a cup of water to someone until I’ve spent time at the well myself.


So what did I do? I closed my laptop, left my office and went off with God. After some time I came back to “reschedule” my week for the following week so that next week would look different.

When we seek healthy rhythms in our lives and implement healthy spiritual practices, we still have times when life gets out of hand. We find ourselves doing exactly what we desire not to do. However, in those moments, what’s important is that we stop the downward spiral sooner rather than later. When we start putting into practice healthy rhythms, we start to see our unhealthy patterns more clearly. Our soul becomes more sensitive to when things are out of balance and we are putting off which should be placed first.

Today was one of those moments. I needed to stop. Pause. Be quiet and rethink the next few days.

I am definitely not perfect and I am not always going to display the pace I desire, but it is a learning process that I’m committed to; a process that requires awareness, humility, and forgiveness. As I thought about healthy patterns of spiritual growth in my own life, I thought of several key reminders for myself. Maybe you will have some to  add as well:

1. You’re not a failure.

It’s easy to beat ourselves up and feel we are no longer worthy to teach, write or share anything. This is the opposite of what God intended. We are on this journey together. Let’s enjoy it and share those moments of health and moments where God teaches us with one another.

2. Be aware of your spiritual health.

The more we put into practice healthy rhythms the sooner we will detect unhealthy patters in our lives. Begin to recognize your own personal warning signs. For me it is emailing people instead of taking the time to talk with them face-to-face.

3. Pause immediately.

Once you have realized you are going in a fast pace direction, stop immediately. Don’t push it off. Don’t wait until the weekend. Do something about it right away.

4. Share your experiences.

As mentioned previously, we need to share with one another our experiences. It helps us hold each other accountable and learn from others. I learn so much from other’s journey; I hope that I can encourage someone else with mine.

Meredith Dahl
Executive Directory at Cross Connection Ministries
Meredith is the Executive Director of Cross Connection Ministries in New Holland, PA. She has received a Bachelor of Science in Student Ministry and a Master of Arts in Ministry (Concentration in Student Ministry) from Lancaster Bible College. Meredith and her husband live in New Holland with their baby boy Liam and love living, working and volunteering in their community.