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My Garden  //  Reflections on Life and Minsitry with Ed Dobson

My Garden

We’d like to share a great video produced by the people at Flannel (same folk behind Nooma and Francis Chan’s BASIC series) has been circulating the internet the past few weeks. It’s part of a series in which Ed Dobson reflects on his life in ministry, his struggle with ALS, and trying to live like Jesus with the life he has left. It’s a powerful story and one worth reflecting on. One episode entitled, “My Garden” seems particularly appropriate for those of us in ministry to reflect on.

It’s been made available through CNN and I’d invite you to take the next ten minutes or so to close your door, quiet your busyness, and listen to the wisdom of this humble man.

If you’d like to check out more from the series, Flannel has made two more of the videos available on Vimeo or you can download the whole 5 part set from the Flannel online store.