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Mirthdays and the Necessity of Celebration

Mirthdays and the Necessity of Celebration

A few weeks ago I was in a staff meeting at the church where I serve. Since there were a few new faces at the table, we took thirty minutes to do a team building exercise. We partnered up with one person and asked each other a series of questions, one of which was about our family. When it was my turn to share, I talked about my daughter’s upcoming 23rd mirthday and how we planned to celebrate it.


I wanted to see if he would catch that I said mirthday, and not birthday.

He did catch it, and asked me what it was. I went on to tell him that a mirthday was a small monthly celebration of the day of her birth. Since she was born on March 9th, we pause and celebrate her every month on the 9th.  Though it’s usually something simple like spending $5 at Chuck E. Cheese or baking a cake as a family, we have a blast and always make new memories.

It’s no surprise that we live in a fast world. With everything and everyone moving quickly around us, it’s easy to join the unhealthy pace and miss opportunities to pause and celebrate what God is doing in our lives. By celebrating, we give ourselves permission to stop and savor and appreciate the beauty that is right in front of us.


Two questions to consider:

Who are the people in your life that you can celebrate this week?

  • How will your friend feel when they read the handwritten note you send?
  • How much fun will your son or daughter have going out for ice cream and hearing what character qualities you see developing in them?
  • How quickly will your spouse tell their coworkers about the video message that you texted with 3 things you appreciate about them?

What personal or ministry experiences can you celebrate this week?

  • Imagine reading a journal entry a year from now about the retreat you just led and the student’s lives that were impacted.
  • Tell a friend that you made a New Year’s resolution and you are following through with it – and then let them pat you on the back!
  • Don’t file away the thank you note or email you got from a leader, put it somewhere you’ll see it.

There are people and experiences in your life right now that are worthy of celebration.

Don’t miss the opportunity to savor the great things that God is doing in your life right now.

Josh Rhodes
NextGen Pastor at LCBC Church
Josh is the Next Steps Director at LCBC Church, York Campus. Prior to LCBC, he served at Chestnut Ridge Church in Morgantown, WV. Josh received a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies and Youth Ministries from Lancaster Bible College, and a Master of Arts in Theology from Biblical Seminary. He and his wife Hillary live in Lancaster with their three children - Sephora, Levi, and Pierce.
  1. Dan Puz10-30-14

    I love the idea of a mirthday. Great post Josh