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Lectio Divina: Spotlight on a Spiritual Discipline

Lectio Divina: Spotlight on a Spiritual Discipline

Today, we take a moment to take a closer look at the Spiritual Practice of Lectio Divina. Roughly translating from the Latin as “Sacred Reading”, it’s a simple four step process of dwelling in and reflecting on God’s word for an extended period of time. Perhaps you’ve come across it before and given it a try. Maybe you’ve already incorporated it into your regular spiritual practices, but as we kick off a new school year and another busy season of ministry, its a good time to remind ourselves of the importance and centrality of God’s Word, not just for our students and their spiritual growth, but for our own.

So here’s the invitation for today. Set aside ten minutes, quiet yourself down, select a passage from below, and enjoy the presence of God through His word.

A Rough Guide to Lectio Divina

For a great refresher on the process of Lectio Divina given with a fantastic Scottish brogue, check out the “Exit Van: Rough Guide to Lectio Divina” from Gavin Bryce

the EXIT:VAN rough guide to LECTIO DIVINA from Gavin Bryce on Vimeo.

Some good passages for Lectio Divina:


  1. Jeremiah Dowling08-27-12

    Great reminder about this topic man! I really want to do some of this soon! I hope all is well!