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4 Ways to Start Partnering with Parents

4 Ways to Start Partnering with Parents

Editor’s Note: Today we’re excited to share a post from guest writer Dan Puz! Dan will be leading our upcoming equipping event “Partnering with Parents” and we’re excited to offer you a little preview of some of the great ideas we’ll be hearing about at that event. For more info about the equipping event, please click here.

You probably have a pretty clear vision for student ministry. Multiple coffees, lattes, and frappacinnos have been sipped while casting vision for staff and volunteers. Hours have been spent in prayer seeking inspiration for creating environments that change lives. Thousands of dollars have been invested into resources, instruments, lighting equipment, food, inflatables, and Mountain Dew. These are important things but the reality is that they don’t have the biggest influence in a student’s life.

Relationships are huge and parents win by default when it comes to the relational advantage. We don’t have to operate on silos any longer. Parents are not the enemy here and they never will be. The influence from parent’s combined with the influence from adults in the church can make a huge difference. To those of you that are like me and you’re convinced that this partnership can and should work you know that it’s not an easy thing to do. It’s messy and unpredictable. It’s the reason that some of us haven’t started yet. If it’s been on you’re to do list but you just don’t know how to get started you’re not alone.


Here are four helpful tips to get you started:

 1. Develop Strategy

Parents love it when you take the time to think through things before you make a “big ask” of them. Their time is valuable and it shows them you care when you respect that. Develop a plan and strategy to help bridge the gap between the church and the home. One way to do that is to clearly define the win and establish goals that help you and families accomplish the win.

2. Communicate Effectively

Communication is extremely important. Here are some very valuable questions to ask yourself. Can you communicate with every parent? What’s the best way to communicate with parents? How often do you communicate with them? What information is most valuable to communicate and what’s not that valuable? How does social media help you communication better? Parents don’t need more e-mail’s and they don’t need more things to read. Especially if it’s not helpful.

3. Sharable Resources

All of us put a lot of work into teaching students. What are you doing to get that information into the hands of your parents? Show them how they can keep the conversation going throughout the week. Most parents don’t know what their students are learning so they tend to make assumptions. Earn their trust even more by showing them you really are teaching and challenging students to follow Jesus. Some ministries like to go a little further by creating questions parent’s can ask on the car ride home or at the dinner table.

4. Budge the Budget

Put your money where your mouth is. If you want to get serious about partnering with parents then make room for them in your budget. I guarantee that it will triple the attendance at your next open house to cater lunch for them. No more pizza and mountain dew. Make sure you communicate how important they are to you by providing an excellent environment for your next parent meeting/class/event.

There you go! Four basic tips that will help you get started. If you’re interested in hearing more I will be sharing these tips and a few others during the Project Renovation event on October 24th. I’m excited to share and I can’t wait to spend time with the student ministry tribe in Central PA.


Like what you’ve read? Interested in more?

Join us next week on Thursday, October 24th for our next Project Renovation Equipping Event. Dan Puz will be leading our time with a discussion entitled “Partnering with Parents.”

For more information or to register, click here.

If you aren’t able to attend, we’ll have audio from the event available here on the website in a few short weeks.